Yoga and Gym Routines: a Good Combination for Your Body

Last Updated on August 16, 2020

Although it cannot be denied that yoga and gym routines are very different activities and that each one is focused on the development of different physical capacities, it is this disparity that achieves that when combined with each other, the results are very efficient.

If you are looking for an integral work in which strength, resistance, and flexibility complement each other. Then you have to stay and read this publication and encourage yourself to join these two options that, of course, you can practice with

Yoga and Gym Routines

Yoga and Gym Routines

Being in good physical condition, or what is known as being in shape, requires the development of the 4 basic physical capacities: strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. And although flexibility is regularly named at the end of the list, this does not mean that it is the least important, since each one separately represents an essential point.

In this way, combining gym routines with yoga can make us improve reciprocally. When doing a bodybuilding workout, for example, you will be working on resistance and strength. Still, to extend those muscles worked with weights, perhaps sore or stiff, you will need to have good flexibility that can be perfected through the practice of yoga. In addition, stretching always favors better recovery and helps prevent possible injuries.

On the contrary, there is also complicity, since for the execution of certain asanas, that is, the body postures performed in yoga, great flexibility is required, and enough strength to push the muscles to the limit of their joint range.

In this way, the yoga movements are of great help to further tone those muscles worked in the gym and those that have not intervened in the exercises included in a certain strength routine.

Other Points of Convergence

1. Breathing

Breathing is another important convergence point since it is an essential part of gym workout exercises. Achieving a good technique for the lungs‘ work is one of the skills that you will undoubtedly achieve in yoga. In this way, by combining these two activities, you will be achieving a more effective job with higher performance.

2. Core work

In yoga, the development of balance is essential to achieve a good posture of the spine or lower back, and this can be achieved with very intense work on the abdomen. By performing gym routines focused on the core, which refers to the body’s middle area, you will have the ideal complement to achieve correct asanas or movements.

3. Concentration

On a mental level, yoga can also be the best complement to any of the gym routines, even those focused on gaining muscle mass and tone. Yoga improves concentration and helps face any challenge that involves an important physical demand with more calm, better self-esteem, and always a positive attitude.

4. Yoga and Gym Routines

Beyond being one of the most beneficial physical and mental health activities, yoga can also function as the perfect complement to your gym routines.

Either through our online platform Train at home or directly in the gym, with Fitness Gears Lab, you can begin to enjoy the results offered by combining these two ways to activate the body.


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