Xterra Erg200 Rower Review

Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Some exercisers believe that affordable rowers aren’t effective. Some even think that less-pricey and effective rowers don’t exist. Some people may find this statement true until they meet the Xterra ERG200.

It is a reputed rowing machine, which enables exercisers to do professional-level workouts. The Rower is priced rightly, and so, many experts have rated it one of the best rowing machines under 200. Although the fitness equipment is inexpensive, it comes with many features that you may not find in some highly-priced rowers. Let’s check out what features the Xterra Erg200 has to offer.

Xterra Erg200 Rower Review

Xterra Erg200 Rower Review


The Xterra Erg200’s manufacturer has used both aluminum and steel to make the Rower robust and durable. Its stabilizer parts and the front-frame are manufactured from steel. On the contrary, its slide rail consists of aluminum to provide a smooth sliding of the seat. The seat is made from ABS material.

Adjustable Console

The Xterra Rower is equipped with a large 3.7” LCD that clearly shows stroke count, time, calories, total count, and more. The LCD is different from other Rower’s displays. It enables users to set up values for mentioned workout metrics. After setting up, it begins to count down until it reaches zero.

Another noticeable function of the display is its mount, which is angle-adjustable. As a result, exercisers can set the console in a suitable position to see the workout data properly. The console also features a scan mode, which displays every readout for approximately six seconds before displaying another readout.

Resistance & Flywheel

The Xterra Rowing Machine comes with eight magnetic resistance levels, which exercisers can adjust with the dial resistance knob’s help. Turning the resistance knob clockwise, users can adjust the resistance levels. The tension knob controls a metallic flywheel, which weight is 9lbs, and a magnetic pad. As the flywheel is light, it delivers the perfect amount of momentum. It is also perimeter weighted; as a result, users experience steady and smooth motion.

The Xterra Erg200 uses a v-belt transmission. Therefore, it doesn’t require any maintenance or lubrication. In summary, the magnetic resistance and integrated flywheel lets exercisers do a full-body workout.

Seat, Pedals & Handle

Like the other standard rowing machines, the Xterra Erg200 contains a large contoured seat. The seat maximizes comfort and performance. Alongside the sliding seat, the Rower features foot pedals with adjustable straps. These pedals help users maintain proper form while exercising. The Xterra Rower also comes with row handles, which are padded, and offer a comfortable grip. Because of these handles, exercisers can comfortably perform intense workouts for an extended period.

Bottom Line

For a novice and a more experienced trainee who intends to do the traditional cardio workout, the Xterra Erg 200 can be a perfect model. The Rower is appropriate for low-impact, cardio boosting workout. It comes with high-quality features and is foldable for convenient storage. The best fact is that this fitness trainer is reasonably priced and is marked as the best budget rowing machine. Thus, if you have budget issues and want to get the best quality rower, you may try this out.


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