Sunny SF RW5623 Rowing Machine Review

Last Updated on June 29, 2021

The Sunny SF RW5623 Rowing Machine Review is a reasonably priced item in the manufacturer’s air rowers lines up. This model has an air fan to provide extra resistance, as with the others, but this compact rower also has a range of exciting features that the others do not. Though it is not a commercial rower, it is an optimum rowing machine under 300

Sunny SF RW5623 Rowing Machine Review

Sunny SF RW5623 Rowing Machine Review

Indeed, this machine is solid and durable with a high degree of resistance and ideal for beginners and advanced users. As if this is a standard model, there are still many things worth knowing. We’ll try to cover all topics of interest.

Digital Monitor

Tracking your progress on the SF-RW5623 is a smooth and easy procedure. This rowing machine measures your fitness level and also shows your progress on LCD. With these heart rate monitors, the exercise is now more effective. Outdoors exercise shows how hard and how long you should practice towards achieving a physical fitness objective. The barcode scanner makes it easy to keep track of your fitness goals.

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Transportation Wheels

Shifting your home gym from one room to another becomes comfortable with this rowing machine. Its moving wheel requires minimal effort to move and helps the user shift it around from room to room. By using this convenient moving base, you don’t need any heavy lifting or muscle strain. You need to tilt and roll it for using or storing.

8-Level Adjustable Resistance

This rower offers 8-resistance levels that allow the user to select their desired workout intensity. You can adjust your workout speed with the SF-RW5623’s smooth knob. You can change the resistance with a quick twist, and so the rower remains convenient and effective for your workout. Using this approach encourages implementing a variety of complex movements that facilitate the muscles to activate and build a range of new workout patterns.

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Dual Air Resistance

The Air Rower adds resistance from the fan, so it is dynamic to pull and offers more dynamic resistance depending on the stroke strength and pace. The integrated fan uses air and produces a more dynamic response than a regular blower. This feature offers protection for the body and delivers a smooth ride. Moreover, it feels incredible to row, and with every pull, you will get a blast of cold air on your face.


It is a fact that if a rower machine is not comfortable, no one can use it for any amount of time. The SF-RW5623 features large anti-slip footpads, supportive grips, and a wide padded seat so that you can get your full workout without injury or discomfort.

Bottom Line

It isn’t the least expensive rowing machine in the market, but it has more features than its cheaper variant. Simple assembling, transportation, and storing of the package further improve the appeal and comfort features such as a wide, padded seat and supportive handgrips and footpads, making it convenient for the user.

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