Spinning Bike VS. Exercise Bike

Last Updated on December 26, 2020

Fitness aficionados often become confused about the difference between a spinning bike and an exercise bike. Some consider that spin bikes are as same as the other exercise bikes. On the other hand, some people start debating the difference between a spin bike with other exercise bike types.

Before getting into the difference, first, we should understand that the spinning bike is another exercise bike type. Thus, people shouldn’t compare the spin bike with other exercise bikes. Instead, they can compare it with other exercise bike types such as recumbent, upright, stationary, etc.

Spinning Bike VS. Exercise Bike

To make you understand, we will give an example comparing a spin bike with an upright exercise bike.  These exercise bikes both fall in the indoor bike category. Users can use them both inside the gym and the house.

These fitness trainers are excellent for cardio workouts. They help develop leg muscles. Now let’s move onto checking the difference. The difference lies in the sitting position. When users hop on spin bikes and start pedaling, they need to lean forward. With an upright bike, they slightly lean forward.

Another difference between these bikes is that spin bikes work like the traditional road cycle. They tend not to come with additional features like the upright exercise bike. Anyway, below we will describe in detail their differences.

Spinning Bike VS. Exercise Bike

Spin bike and exercise bike isn’t different, either. In essence, a spin bike is an exercise bike type. Thus, when you compare the spinning bike with the exercise bike. You make a comparison between spin bike and other exercise bike types such as stationary, upright, recumbent, and more. In this versus article, we will describe and compare features of the most exercise bike types.

Suppose you take a look at the upright exercise bike. In that case, you will notice that the significant difference between an upright exercise bike and a spin bike is that spinning bikes enable users to train in various positions and facilitate fitness training. If you compare a spin bike with a stationary bike, you will see that spin bikes let you stand up and paddle, which will engage your entire body muscle groups.

Another difference between spin and stationary bikes is their flywheel mechanism. Spin bikes contain heavy flywheels that require users to put more effort and burn more calories. That said, the heavier the flywheel, the more calorie users can burn. Anyway, below we will reveal the other differences.

Riding Position

In terms of the riding position, spin bikes offer more options to the users. These bikes allow users to adjust the exact riding position like cycling on the road. Apart from that, riders can use these bikes in upright positions as well. On the contrary, other exercise bikes only allow the sitting or standing position.

Workout Metrics

Most exercise bikes provide you with pre-programmed courses and data readouts. You can access them via an LCD, and it is an excellent way to motivate yourself to beat your personal bests.

But the best spinning bikes for home use tend to come with a fitness trainer. Its LCD will monitor your riding, track your speed and progress. Thus, you can concentrate on every detail of your riding.


The Spin bike’s manufacturers have designed these bikes for pure cycling. They don’t come with additional electronics like other exercise bikes. This means that the spin bikes are convenient to use. They are built from highly durable steel so that they can sustain high energy use. For the durable construction, the spinning bike lasts longer than an exercise bike.


The flywheel is something that differentiates the spin bike from the other exercise bikes. If you check out some exercise bikes, you will see that most of them contain Freewheel. Freewheel gives riders an outdoor cycling experience. It is because the Freewheel will continue spinning even after riders stop pedaling. With a spinning bike, riders won’t get such a benefit, which means when they stop pedaling, the spin bike’s flywheel will also stop spinning. The benefit of this feature is that riders need to cycle while doing the workout.


While considering using an exercise bike such as a stationary bike vs. a spin bike, you will find both fitness trainers are convenient to use. You will notice nearly no difference while riding all exercise bikes except the upright bike. Although you may feel slightly different when riding an upright exercise bike, it won’t cause any trouble to complete your workout.

Injury Risk

In terms of injury risk, the spin bike is safer than the best upright stationary bike. The flywheel keeps the bike in constant motion; therefore, it puts less or no stress on the joints.

But if riders use spinning bikes in the standing position, they increase the risk of being injured. As you know, this type of riding requires a greater range of movements. Standing and riding put riders in danger, especially those who have joints problems. That said, experts recommend using the spin bike to sit and spin.


Next, to consider the budget, some people go for the best exercise bikes under 200. Some even look for the recumbent bike for exercise, and some riders prefer the best exercise recumbent bike.

Anyway, most people only consider the budget, and they forget to inspect the exercise bike’s quality. However, it is pretty challenging to compare the spin bike and other exercise bike considering their prices. Some spin bikes come at a low price range, but they don’t beat other exercise bikes.

Again, some expensive exercise bikes fail to meet the user’s requirements. So, we recommend checking every essential feature and budget before picking your best exercise bike.

Bottom Line

Determining which fitness bike is the best entirely depends on the user’s preferences. As you will be the user, you should find one bike type that suits your requirements. For example, if you suffer from a knee injury or are recovering from joint problems, you should use a recumbent exercise bike.

Otherwise, you can choose a stationary bike. And if you are a cycling enthusiast, we recommend you to go with the spin bike. However, if you want to do the workout with a little bit of comfort, you may use the upright exercise bike. In conclusion, you can pick any fitness bike style that seems best-suited to you.


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