Schwinn A40 Elliptical Reviews

Last Updated on January 20, 2021

Elliptical machines are excellent for cardio and aerobic workouts. They can take away the impact on the ankles and knees. And it makes them better than treadmills or other fitness machines that tend to put stress on the joints. The ellipticals offer users the possibility to challenge their stamina and let users do the workout efficiently.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Reviews

But all ellipticals aren’t created equal, and they don’t provide excellent health benefits. Thus, users need to choose the best one after checking several elliptical machines. According to experts and users, the Schwinn A40 is the best compact elliptical under 500. Below we will discuss its features in detail.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Reviews


The Schwinn A40 contains an electromagnetic resistance system, which features a fixed brake pad that aids in adjusting the machine’s tension. Users can control the resistance levels with the console’s help. The best fact regarding the brake is that it never comes in contact with the flywheel. Thus, users get relief from worrying about wear and tear.

Apart from the electromagnetic resistance system, this elliptical trainer comes with incline settings as well. It offers the exact benefits that users will gain by using ergonomic handles.


The Schwinn A40 features an excellent console, which is pretty decent for its price. The console contains seven workout programs, including mountains, fun rides, and other exercises. While doing these exercises, the console displays speed, time, distance, rpm, calories burned, pulse, and more. Aside from all these features, the console also comes with a sound system to entertain users during the workout. Lastly, the console houses a cup holder as well.


The Schwinn A40 has a sturdy construction, made of steel and supported by six levelers. These levelers are fixed at the base of the elliptical to enhance stability. For a rugged structure, this can tolerate up to 300lbs of weight. And it is evidence of how tough and durable the fitness trainer can be.

However, if you look at the drive’s design, you notice that it is sealed with plastic, which isn’t only tough but also pleasing. After checking the drive mechanism, if you inspect the flywheel, you will see that it tends to propel with a heavy-duty v-belt’s help. It ensures stability and a smooth workout.


Engineers kept that in mind while designing the machine is that comfort is the crucial factor. You will get the evidence when you start looking at its features thoroughly. If you look at the mobile handlebars, you will see that they feature steady curves. These curves offer different grip angles for exercisers while doing the workout.

Again, the handlebars come with heart rate sensors that track the user’s pulse rate while exercising. Alongside that, engineers have added various adjustable features to this fitness machine. As a result, users can adjust the machine as per their needs and do the workout comfortably. In summary, all these features make the Schwinn A40 the best elliptical for home use.

Bottom Line

The Schwinn A40 is manufactured for novices and intermediate users. The elliptical is appropriate for people who want the best fitness machine within the mid-price range. It contains all the features that a standard elliptical should house.

If you need more features than this fitness machine, you may go with the best elliptical under 1000. Anyway, with such a price tag, most manufacturers can’t produce such a top-quality fitness machine like the Schwinn A40. Thus, if you want a piece of fitness equipment that falls in the mid-range category, you better give the Schwinn A40 a shot.


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