Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review: Schwinn’s treadmills are praised for providing top-notch features. And the surprising fact about these machines is all of them tend to be less pricey, which is what exercisers love about the Schwinn. We can assure you that you will also like this brand after using any of its treadmills. For a beginning, you can go with the Schwinn 870 treadmill.

Three aspects set the Schwinn 870 treadmill apart from the rest treadmills. These are weight capacity, 23mph speed, and 26 workout programs with Runsocial App. Apart from these three features, the Schwinn 870 offers a wide array of features and functions. That’s why many consumers have rated it the best treadmill under 2000. Let’s check out what features it has to offer:

Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review


The Schwinn 870 treadmill features a 3.0 CHP motor, generating a top speed of 12 mph. Exercisers of all ages and types can smoothly walk, run, and jog using the treadmill. Alongside the CHP motor, this fitness machine contains a power incline motor. It lets the users incline train with up to a 15% slope.

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The workout machine houses a sturdy frame. It ensures the ultimate longevity of the treadmill. Besides being rugged, the frame is also foldable. For that, you can lift its deck with hydraulics help. And store the Schwinn 870 into a vertical position.

Workout Belt

Many treadmills under 1500 feature single-ply workout belts. The Schwinn 870 offers its consumers a two-ply workout belt. These kinds of tread belts are longer-lasting and require less maintenance.

Incline & Console

The Schwinn treadmill boasts a power incline. It offers the users to add variation in their workout. They can challenge their current fitness level and step forward to develop better fitness.

Like Schwinn’s other fitness machines, the 870 treadmill contains a console. The console comes with a user profile function and can store customized workouts. It can also show various workout data such as speed, heart rate, calorie burn, distance, etc. As the treadmill has touch sensors, it will always look up your heart rate. Along with sensors, the Schwinn treadmill also has a wireless chest strap.

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Training Programs

As you already know that the Schwinn 870 features a user profile setting. It can hold 26 training programs. Furthermore, the fitness device is compatible with the RunSocial app. The mobile app enables you to exercise virtually. You can watch your friends in virtual settings and, together, continue doing the workout.

Bottom Line

The Schwinn 870 Treadmill is designed for athletes who intend to run at least a couple of miles every day. It offers a speed of up to 12mph, allowing professional runners to run effectively.

The workout machine also has a durable construction, which ensures the machine’s longer-lifespan. Because of the sturdy structure, this treadmill can accommodate heavyweight people. And this fitness device is appropriate for such users to burn their additional fats.

The best fact regarding the 870 treadmill is that it offers all these features within mid-price. However, you can also check out some cheap electric treadmills under 200 if you have a budget issue.

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