Is There a Shortcut to Weight Loss?

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

Is There a Shortcut to Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of the challenging tasks for many people. The best way to burn calories is by doing regular exercises without a proper diet. It can be a time-consuming process depending on your body type, metabolism rate, height, and other measurements.

Because you may need a couple of weeks to shed the extra calories you eat a day. But some shortcuts can not burn fat directly but may promote your weight loss. Remember that they can not bring the result if you are not doing them with a healthy diet and regular workout. In this article, we are representing the shortcuts, which will make your weight loss easier.

Drink More Water

Drinking water helps to boost the metabolism rate. Drinking a lot of water keeps your body hydrated, and as a result, you will have less appetite. Besides, if you drink a glass of water before each meal, it will decrease the food intake. Drink at least six to eight glass of water per day.

Eat Limited Foods at Each Meal

Psychological studies found that people eating two or three food at each meal tend to lose more weight than the others. The main reason is, when we eat the same food for a long time, we feel fuller quickly.

Cut Off Sugary Drinks

Sugars are the main reason for obesity and many fatal diseases. The sugary beverages contain many more harmful ingredients along with sugar, which stores fat in your body. If you wonder why you are not losing weight despite working out, it can be the main reason.

Never Miss Your Breakfast

Breakfast should be your main meal in a day. People who miss breakfast tend to eat more in the next meal. It hampers the digestion and metabolism of the body. Start your day with breakfast containing egg because egg decreases food consumption as well as a good source of energy.

Have a Sufficient Sleep

Sleeping too much can indeed promote weight gain. But insufficient sleep also can be the primary impediment of your weight loss goals. Our body burns fat when we sleep. Besides, if you stay awake most of the time, you will eat more. It also causes stress and depression, which leads to weight gain. An adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep to be healthy.

Increase the Protein and Fibers Intake

Protein and fibers provide the energy to exercise and regular physical activities. Eating sufficient protein and fibers keep your stomach full for a long time. So you will not feel hungry and eat random foods.

Drink Black Coffee

Black coffee is a great drink to cheer you up and make you slimmer as well. It can release more free fatty acids in your blood, helping to perform more physical activities for a long time. It can increases your metabolism too, and suppress your hunger. A cup of black coffee contains less than six calories and no fat.

Eat Slowly and Properly

Take your time and chew the foods well when you are eating. It will help to digest the food efficiently. Never eat while watching tv, listening to songs, or reading. Because when you are distracted, you may eat more foods than required. Keep track of how much you are eating.

Eliminate Alcohols

Quitting alcohol is another efficient way to make the weight loss process faster. They contain a lot of calories, which will be hard to burn. Moreover, they can make you drunk, and you can’t keep track of what and how much you are eating. It may be hard for you if you are already addicted to this. But trust us, you will be amazed after seeing the result.

Eat on a Small Plate

Researches showed that eating on a smaller plate can reduce more than thirty percent of food intake. People tend to take and eat more foods on a larger plate. This habit gives us a feeling that we have eaten enough and not hungry anymore.


Warm-up is a simple process of preparing your body for workouts. It increases your blood circulation to the muscles and raises body temperature. It makes your muscles more flexible, so you have less chance of injury while exercising. Warming up and resting between workout programs helps to exercise for a long time without any soreness.

Stop Eating Late

You have to keep a minimum distance of two hours between dinner and sleep. It helps to digest food properly and burn calories. But if you eat late, you will get less time interval between dinner and sleep. It may also increase the calory intake because you feel more hungry due to late eating. Try to finish your dinner at 9 pm.

Final Words

Many people become desperate to lose weight quickly and try crazy things like starving, taking diet pills, or exercising too much. But the reality is, they result in reducing the metabolism process in your body and making you sick. Rather than promoting calory burning, they can be counter-productive to the fitness goals.

So you should better try these safe and proved shortcuts instead. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and notice a significant difference in your body within a shorter period.


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