How to Use Treadmill for Weight Loss

Last Updated on January 13, 2021

A treadmill is one of the versatile aerobic exercise machines that burn more calories and lose weight with the right techniques. In fact, it is the most effective and popular tool for practicing high-resistance interval workout sessions. With the right strategy and regimen, this personal trainer also helps test your agility skills and boost your endurance level to the next level. Moreover, an elliptical machine is an ultimate and simple solution to burn the extra calories that we are consuming and control our body fat to a great extent as well.

How to Use Treadmill for Weight Loss

Methods to Lose Weight on a Treadmill

There are some ways which are very effective and beneficial to lose weight on a treadmill. Here are they:

1. High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It is an effective process for burning extra calories and lose your body fat through high-intensity exercise and rest. The idea of taking rest between high-intensity workout training return a great result in reducing body fat and also contributes to weight loss yet. HIIT is a way to return to a resting state between high-intensity exercises. Overall, HIIT metabolizes our body and produces energy between intervals to add more minutes to workouts.

 2. Find Your Fat-burning Zone

Fat burning heart zone is the most crucial zone that burns maximum calories per minute and promotes weight loss the most. To identify your heart burning zone, you just need to evaluate your heart rate first. Usually, your optimum fat-burning zone lies within 70% of the maximum heart rate. Whereas your heart rate is the sum of deduction your age from 220. For example, suppose your age is 30, so your heart rate lies between 170 and its nearest values. And your burning fat zone (70% of heart rate) should be 119.

3. Get Out of a Rut

Another way of losing weight through the treadmill is giving up your regular exercise routine and try something different each time. This practice will reduce your risk of injury and help you to avoid feeling bored on routine workouts. This method provides you with the flexibility to regularly not stick yourself within routine workouts and mix up your workouts. Besides, this method also helps you to challenge yourself to do certain workouts.

4. Add Hills

Adding hills is another way to through yourself into a challenge and burns more calories through the treadmill. It activates your muscles to burns more calories than fat. It makes your muscles ability to work hard and contributes to building more lean muscles each minute.

5. Do Interval Training

Interval training is all out, empowering your heart rate rather than the cardio state. It helps to form intensity and make you physically ready to get into a challenge that burns calories. According to this tactic, instead of doing your workouts at the same speed level, you should break your workout session into several sections and maintain different speed levels in each section.

Suppose, if you can walk 20 minutes with 3.0-speed levels, you can break this 20 minutes into 2- sections and walk the first 10- mint with 2.5- speed levels and walk the rest 10- minutes at 3.0 -speed levels.

6. Change Directions

As like as Stair climber, you can also change direction on the treadmill. Switching direction and walking backward enables you to move purposefully and take every step with great focus. This technique forces your muscles double time and strengths your hips to work up to more even of a sweat. Changing direction overall torches calories and burns major fat to the most.

7. Use the TV to Your Advantage

TV can be another way to amp up your weight loss process. You can use TV programs as an advantage to schedule your cardio workouts. Usually, most TV programs take a 2 minutes commercial break after 8 minutes program. You can utilize these 2 minutes in doing your treadmills workouts instead of passing this time aimlessly. 2 minutes of workout after 8 minutes of strategize intervals keep your body energize and prevent your mind from wondering unusual things. After every 8 minutes, a gentle hill warms up your body and activates your muscles for truly exuding effort.

8. Vary the Incline

Stepping uphill and downhill creates stress on our cardiovascular system. While running over the trail, our various muscles group get into challenges that help to lose weight. So, by changing our incline, we can also apply challenges on a treadmill. This technique amp your cardio intensity to a great extent.

9. Get Off and on the Treadmill

Just because you have a Cheap Treadmill does not mean you have to keep doing workout continuously over it. Getting off the treadmill is also crucial to benefit your body. Instead of running continuously over the treadmill, it is better to get off the treadmill after completing a certain distance. Afterward, head to the floor and take a rest for 2 minutes. Then, complete 10- back squats, 10- walking lunges, and other strength moves for getting a complete superset workout session.

10. Combine Exercise and Diet

Workout on a treadmill is not sufficient enough to lose weight. You have to sacrifice your food habits and taste as well. Along with regular workouts on the treadmill, you have to follow a strict diet plan as well. The diet plan aims to fill your plate with various healthy food by avoiding sugars, flours, and other refined carbohydrates. Besides, it would be best to consume at least 10% fewer calories than your previous food plan.

What Is the Best Treadmill Workout to Lose Weight?

If you walk on the treadmill daily, you will probably lose weight. But the most effective way to lose weight is High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Following this way, you can easily lose weight within a few weeks.

Is Walking on a Treadmill Effective for Weight Loss?

The treadmill makes your body work harder, and running at an incline activates your muscles to burn more calories and helps to form lean muscle mass as well. And so walking on a treadmill is considered really effective for weight loss indeed.


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