How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

Last Updated on July 12, 2020

The elliptical bike is one of the devices that we can easily find in a gym. How to use elliptical machine for weight loss? However, on many occasions, it is not used properly, and as a result, not all the benefits this device offers are used.

How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

Here are some tips that you can implement during your training with the elliptical, which will allow you to lose weight and strengthen your entire body.

Correct Posture on the Elliptical

When holding the bars, it is important that you keep your back straight and with your head facing forward; This will prevent you from hurting your neck during training. When you hold the mobile bars, you will also be working your upper body like your arms’ muscles. If you hold the bars steady, the training effort will focus on the legs and glutes.

Keep your feet firmly on the pedals, which you should push with your heels to avoid ankle injuries. The movement of the legs must be fluid and in such a way that an ellipse is drawn, avoiding doing it linearly.

Tips When Training on Elliptical

If you want to lose weight, you must increase the resistance of the elliptical, as well as the intensity and speed of your movements. If you go slowly with low resistance, you will lose much less weight. The amount of calories burned depends mainly on the intensity and power you provide to your workout.

However, when doing high-intensity training on the elliptical, it is recommended to do it only two or three times a week to avoid muscle fatigue or injury. Toggle between medium-intensity, and you’ll notice the results.

Benefits of the Elliptical

If you are consistent in your training, you will speed up the weight loss process and see an improvement in your endurance. With the elliptical, you work more than your resistance or weight loss; You’ll also be strengthening your glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings. In addition to these muscles and depending on your training intensity, you will also see benefits in the pecs, biceps, and triceps.

These types of cardiovascular exercises also help reduce stress, boost the immune system, improve mood, and help the heart. Combining this training with a good diet will enhance the time you achieve your goals, so go on the elliptical in search of all these benefits to improve your health and lifestyle.

How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

Losing weight is the goal of millions of people around the world, but the truth is that it is not easy to have the discipline to achieve it, especially when it comes to a lot of weight. Losing weight with the elliptical cross trainer is a fun way to do it since you exercise many parts of the body, burn a lot of fat, and workouts are fun.

The elliptical bike is one of the gym machines that help you lose weight the most, and also gradually. You can also buy one to have it at home, and there are some at very good prices. Routine to lose weight with the budget elliptical bike

  1. Perform a moderate warm-up for 5 minutes, at a level 6-7 of intensity, even a couple of points below if you are a beginner.
  2. After warming up, you can start to speed up your metabolism, so you have to increase the intensity to 9-10 for 30 seconds.
  3. Slow down to 5 and stay at that intensity for a minute.
  4. It increases again to 9-10 for another 30 seconds and again drops to 5 for one minute to recover.
  5. Now you must set the intensity of 7 for 5 minutes and stay at it during that time. Even if it oscillates half a point up or down.
  6. Increase the intensity to 9-10 and try to hold an entire minute at that point, but if you do a lot of it, lower it after reaching 30 seconds.
  7. Lower the intensity to 5 and stay in it for two minutes.
  8. Turn up to intensity 7 again and work on it for 5 minutes.
  9. Increase to 10 and hold for one minute, if possible.
  10. Go down to intensity 6, stay a minute, and then go up to 7 again and jog for 5 minutes.
  11. Now the last two minutes of training arrives, during which you must go down to intensity 4 so that the body prepares for the end of the training.

To lose weight with the elliptical bike, you must do workouts like this one, which lasts 30 minutes, the minimum recommended time for any workout to be really effective, and to exercise your cardiovascular system well.

Some very interesting tips

  • It is very important that, if you want to lose weight with the elliptical, you combine intensities throughout the training so that the body remains fully active and does not give it time to settle into an intensity. It is constantly changing.
  • It would be best if you constantly were in your workouts, without a doubt, an essential fact when you want to lose weight. Exercise 3-4 days a week with a minimum of 30 minutes to activate calorie burning and fat loss.
  • Just as constancy is very important, so is rest so as not to get burned and bored, which is why you must rest two days a week.


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