How to Stay Active and Exercise During the Holidays

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

When it is the holiday season, people get themselves busy with the jam-packed schedule and endless events. But everybody doesn’t keep themselves busy; some people are less likely to join such events or follow an organized plan.

Moreover, they keep them inside the house all day and stay physically inactive. As a result, they become physically unfit and suffer from various diseases. That’s why it is essential to stay active and exercise during the holidays.

How to Stay Active and Exercise During the Holidays

Most people get anxious about losing their healthy living momentum when they don’t find out ways to stay physically active. By following some strategizing and planning, anyone can stay healthy and motivated during holidays. In this article, we have described some tips that you may observe to remain active and physically fit.

Try to wake up early

Morning is the best time for the workout. Researchers have proved that people who exercise in the morning are more interested in keeping a consistent routine. And it becomes easier for them to maintain fitness for a lifetime.

Maintain a schedule for workouts

Sticking to a schedule is known as one of the most effective ways to stay in track, especially during a busy season. You need to schedule your workouts in advance and try to sign up for the courses you want to attend. It doesn’t matter how you make your workout plan, but the fact is you shouldn’t waste time without having an organized schedule.

Think outside the gym

In holidays, it becomes difficult for people to go to the gym and continue doing workouts. As a result, they stay inactive. But there are many workouts such as walking, shopping, swimming, and hanging can help you stay active. And these activities can provide you with the same result for which you go to the gym.

Try a countertop workout

You can prepare holiday meals which give you the same benefit as light resistance training. Also, you can lift your ankle up and down while standing and preparing your meal in the kitchen. Besides that, you can also do simple countertop pushups while standing around the kitchen. Both exercises can help you to stay active.

Find new ways to be active

You should try to find new ways to stay active. For that, you can do various types of outdoor and indoor activities like bowling, indoor rock-climbing, hiking or dance classes, etc.

Skip the elevator

When you are in any departmental store or anywhere else like the shopping mall, try to skip the elevator. And you should take the stairs to go up as well as down. By rising up and down the stairs, you can keep yourself active.

Clean your house

You can do workouts in an old-fashioned way. That means you can do your household chores like cleaning your house. You can set one hour for doing these kinds of tasks. If you are less interested in cleaning, you can even do bending, squatting, running up and downstairs, putting away laundry, etc. All these activities burn calories.

Participate in a holiday run

There are numerous events like runs and walks held over holidays. And you can participate in these events to stay active. Some local organizations organize these events to benefit charities, and some organize it for fun. For example, many communities hold Turkey Trot runs, which is a running event, and it takes place on Thanksgiving Day.

Set up a family challenge

You can convince family members or friends to take a steps challenge. And they will participate because of the competitive nature of the event. If they don’t show interest, you can set a fun prize for the winner and let the game begin.

Use online resources

It is one of the most natural methods to ensure a movement session. By selecting easy-to-do workouts that you can perform anywhere, you can stay active during holidays.

Final Words

Most of the time the holiday comes on the same day each year. These annual celebrations won’t make you surprised, so there should be no reason why you can’t make a plan for workouts. Sometimes you can’t avoid some unknown interruptions to your fitness programs like car trouble or sick children.

So, when holidays come, every year there shouldn’t be any excuse. You can use your creativity combined with some of the tips mentioned above to come up with a plan. And this plan will let you enjoy the holidays without ruining your fitness.


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