How to Do a Beginner Workout at Home

Last Updated on September 30, 2020

How to Do a Beginner Workout at Home? A healthy lifestyle is demanding to lead. Most of the time, we decide to start doing regular exercises but fail to proceed after a few days. Hiring a professional trainer or joining a gym might help to continue working out but is never an option due to a lack of time or expensive cost.

The result is suffering from various chronic diseases. Diabetes, obesity, stroke, insulin resistance, hypertension, constipation, metabolic syndrome, anxiety, depression are some of the common physical and mental issues caused due to physical inactivity.

How to Do a Beginner Workout at Home

Beginner Workout at Home

Physical inactivity is so dangerous to the health that it can lead to cancers as well. So, staying active is essential for one’s good. Instead of hiring a professional or joining a gym, one can try physical activities staying at home.

As we all know, working out is a matter of strong determination. It cannot be forced; neither should it be. Your health is your responsibility, and you must understand it. Only then will you be able to work hard to maintain your fitness regularly.

The common mistake we commit is doing a lot on the first day itself. We do it because of enthusiasm and excitement. Over-exercising and trying hard exercises on the first day takes a toll on our bodies.

So, the next time our body and mind don’t agree to workout and search for excuses. Therefore, the first thing we need to realize is overdoing anything is wrong.

The first thing to do

If you are a beginner and want to start working out, get set, and start with the mild exercises. Take it slow. It is significant to allow your body to get used to the sudden activities. There are a few workouts for beginners, which can be done at home comfortably.

Calling these activities as workouts will be wrong. However, any physical activity which stretches the different parts of the body and helps to stay fit is a workout. These workouts will help your body adjust to the sudden action, and you can increase the time and intensity gradually.

Never over stress yourself by doing more than you can. Always do less than what you think you can do. Like this, you are preparing your body and mind, and they are not going to refuse to do physical activities the next day.

Time range

A beginner doesn’t need to work out for hours. Setting a high goal within a short period is a wrong step to take for a beginner. Instead, set a target by allowing yourself a considerable amount of time. For a beginner, less is better.

Just a few minutes of physical activity is enough. When you are a beginner, your body will get tired by only a one-minute exercise. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue and stop staying active.

Start with the lightest workouts and do it for a few minutes. Then, increase the time by a minute and do the same exercises. Continue doing this, and you will surely notice the difference.

Normal household chores

Let us start with the simple ones which we almost refused to name as workouts. The first one has to be walking. Stroll the garden area or every corner of your house, and calories will start burning. Doing regular household chores is also the best way to stay active.

Washing clothes, dishes, sweeping the floor, standing while cutting vegetables and cooking, cleaning the kitchen cabinets, closets and wardrobes, these are some useful physical activities which we can do at home. If you are not willing to do the chores, then dance on your favorite songs.

Our body tends to get used to these physical activities sooner than other workouts as our mind is already set of these being a typical day to day chores, and dancing is just a fun activity. We can do these for more than hours without realizing the burning calories.

Proper exercise

Regular household chores are not enough. Otherwise, there would be no need for workouts. Household chores take time to do, what if we have just a few minutes and want double health benefit. A proper set of exercises will do just that.

Use a chair you sit on every day. Simply sit down straight on the chair and stand up. Maintain the posture of your body. Continue doing it for a couple of minutes or within your capacity. Sitting down and standing up is similar to the famous and basic gym exercise squats.

Walk fast, do a few easy push-ups, and again walk. While walking is easy, push-ups are difficult to attempt, hence the mention of easy push-ups instead of perfect push-ups. You can set your own time and continue for a couple of minutes.

Stand straight against a wall. Sit down, keeping your back straight against the wall. Stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold the seated position for a minute or till the time you can. Stand up slowly and repeat it a few times.

Climb the stairs for a few times and jog for a minute in between. You don’t need to climb all the steps of the staircase. Just a few stairs are enough for working out. Sit down on the carpet and stand up. You can also lie down and stand up. Repeat for a few minutes.

Final Words

If you are a beginner, intense long exercises are not for you. Get the rule straight in your mind. Beginners merely need to move for a couple of minutes, and that is enough for you. After two-three weeks of light movements daily, you can add two-three minutes at the end of your workout session.

Do not do all the activities at once. Just like adding the minutes, add one exercise set at a time. As a beginner, daily working out is crucial. So, be determined, never skip, and be consistent.


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