How to Bike Your Way to Weight Loss

Last Updated on August 11, 2020

How to Bike Your Way to Weight Loss: Bicycle is an excellent medium for exercise. People who want to lose their extra weight can use this transport without any doubt.  Every time of your ride on a bike, you have to burn your calories.

Burning extra calories and fat is a must for losing weight. And a bike can help you to burn those excess fats and calories while you are moving on. But, before going for any work, you have to know about its criteria.  Like other works, you have to know the requirements for losing weight through bike riding. You will get some ideas about it from the article written below.

How to Bike Your Way to Weight Loss

Biking for weight loss is a bit different from the regular biking you ride in your daily life. You have to work much harder than your regular biking in case of biking for losing weight. You may think that you have to fix a distance or time to ride on your bike to reduce your extra weight. This thinking is not entirely correct.

To observe your workout, you can use a GPS supported app at your cell phone where you will be able to see the distance you have passed during the ride. You can set a length for riding daily. Note down the time which you took to reach the ending point. Try to spend less time than your previous ride. This will increase your speed, you will be able to burn extra fats very early, and your muscles will be toned.

Choose the best Route for Biking

Route plays a vital role in the case of losing weight during the bike ride. In the case of choosing a route or way for riding, chose that kind of route where you will get the best duration and intensity. Try to pedal for a longer time without taking breaks.

Avoid those routes where you have to stop frequently due to red lights or intersections. If you ride upwards of a hill or on a muddy road, you have to work much harder. As a result, you will burn a lot of calories. This hard work will help you to reduce some extra work.

On the other hand, you’ll have to work less on the road or downwards from a hill rather than the muddy road or getting upwards. So, be careful about choosing your way of losing weight. And try to increase your heart rate by up to 75%.

Best Bicycle Types for Weight Losing

There are many types of bikes. All of them are not perfect for weight loss purposes. Try to select those types of bikes, which will allow you to lose a few pounds. Try in several styles than chose that bike, which takes a bit extra effort.

Road bikes contain thin tires and sleeker frames. Due to lightweight, these bikes take less effort to drive. Though it can be best for you if you drive this in paved surface or long and uninterrupted stretches road, you must have to avoid this type of bikes if you have back pain or safety issues.

Mountain bikes are heavier than road bikes. Due to heavy and thick tires of this bike, you will get some extra suspension and cushioning while ride and will enjoy more comfort. Cruiser bikes are also of the same type. Thick tires of these bikes can provide you much stability.  As a result, you will enjoy a safe ride, even being a new rider.

Recumbent bikes used in gyms. This is like a cycle which has no wheels, but you can paddle in it to burn your extra fat and calorie. Some recumbent bikes can be used on the road. The seats of this bike are close to the land. But it is not safe to ride this bike in traffic.

Essential Gears to Take

Any work you do, firstly, you have to ensure your safety. For a safe and comfortable bike ride, you must have to take all the essential gear with you. The helmet will keep your head safe if you fall in an accident. Your identity card will help the rescuers if you fall into a severe accident.

You have to carry your cell phone and water bottle with you. If you are riding far from your home and face minor accident or your bike break down or even you fall in a storm, you can contact your relatives or emergency service using your cell phone.

If you want to monitor your workout activity, the cell phone can help you. You will make sweat if you work hard. For this reason, you have to carry a water bottle with you. Without these, you have to take a glass to protect your eyes from flying insects, debris, or dust.

Some Tips for Safe Weight Losing Bike Riding

  • If you want to improve your fitness and burn a considerable amount of calories, you can add hills in your route of biking.
  • You can add several small rest periods during your riding time to boost up your calorie burning.
  • Avoid using headphones while riding. Listening to music during the ride will hamper your concentration, or you may fall in an accident with other vehicles.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone for texting or calling during a ride. This can take you in the wrong direction, and you may face accidents.

Final Thoughts

Riding a bike is always safe for health and the environment. This can be a great way to lose your extra weight. You can burn extra calories, increase your heart rate, and toe your muscles by cycling. In this article, we’ve tried to describe the ways of losing weight by bike riding. If you follow this article, you will able to put off your extra pressure and lead a very healthy life.


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