How Long Do You Really Need to Workout

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

How Long Do You Really Need to Workout? In our daily busy life, we hardly manage time to work out to maintain functional fitness. However, if we sometimes manage to work out, then the food for thought is -“Time duration of work out.” We go to the gym, outdoor sports and for other workouts.

We have to maintain discipline and routine. Many think that a proper diet is enough for functional fitness, but to keep the fitness, we need not only a proper diet but also a decent workout.

How Long Do You Really Need to Workout

Now, as a health-conscious person, it is essential to make a balanced schedule of your daily work out. Remember, unbalanced and irregular work out will hamper your body rather than make the body fit.

You have to distribute your total working out time in an organized manner for particular exercise as per your purpose. Generally, people go to work out for two main specific reasons- 1) To lose weight, 2) build muscle.

Now we will discuss the time limit of your work out as per your purpose.

How long do you really need to work out?

The time limitation depends on the strength and durability of your body. In this article, you will provide you all the research-based information. Many health organizations and medical associations have researched on the subject.

Per week: To keep the heart and body healthy, one should go for an average work out of 150-200 minutes in a week and rampant work out for 70-80 minutes in a week. But this time must be maintained as per your strength.

You have to increase the time in your routine gradually. However, in the beginning, it will be tough for you to maintain the routine. As per your purpose to work out – if you want to lose bodyweight, then you have to do many exercises.

And you have to pay more attention to those exercises which are essential to lose your weight (like outdoor sports, jogging, push-up, swimming and some other High intensive work out). Even to build muscle, you have to more attention to the high intensive work out. This was the fundamental guideline for your weekly work out time table.

Per day: Now, in your daily work out, you also have to maintain proper time duration. Different researches are there. Here we will try to make the concept clear.

Every day, except the intervals, one needs to work out for 20-50 minutes as per the purpose and health condition. For maintaining only the current fitness level, you may reduce the time period if you have good health. But to lose weight, you have to give more time to work out.

For example: if you crossed 100 pounds, then you have to start your work out today for 50-60 minutes per day. Again for muscle building, you have to focus on heavy exercises. You may work out for 20-30 minutes per day to build muscle.

Now, if you want to be a bodybuilder, then you have to break all the routine because here you have to spend more than 3 to 4 hours for your working out per day. For an athlete, it is easy to work out for 30 to 40 minutes daily. So the routine is varied from person to person.

Now, when you are following a routine, try to follow it every day. According to the purpose of your work out, when you are exercising for a particular time limit, then between two specific exercises, there needs an interval.

You can take 2-5 minutes for the easy workout. But for vigorous activity, the range has to be for 7-10 minutes. In this manner, the duration and frequency of your work out will be increased.

Is there any maximum time duration of work out?

Generally, there is no maximum time duration in working out. As we said before, the time duration depends on the health condition and purpose of one. Whenever you feel that it becomes hard and tiring for you, then stop the exercise.

You may take rest for a while or leave it for that day. But remember you have to increase your time duration day by day. It will increase the durability of your body and make you strong.

Is there any minimum time duration of work out?

From some researches, it is found that less than 20 minutes of work out is not so fruitful. As you are working out for functional fitness, then you have to work out at least for 20 minutes so that you can move your all body parts in exercise.

From some other researches, it is also found, 10 minutes of work out is enough, but that will be such hard and brutal moments. When you reduce the time duration, then you have to increase the intensity and density of your exercises.

Final Words

Always remember one thing; everything has a limit. Crossing the limit and under the limit, both are not good. There should be a balance. So avoid such indiscipline in your all activity.

1st day your work out time limitation was for 40 minutes. But on the 2nd day, it was only for 10 minutes! Such irregular work out is more hampering than no workout. If in 1st day you exercise for 20 minutes, try to follow the same each day.

From this article, you will get a crystal idea of how long you really need to work out. So follow the routine regularly. You must obtain a trim figure after some days of regular work out. All the best.


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