How Exercise Helps You Control Your Weight

Last Updated on April 6, 2020

Controlling your weight is as crucial as losing weight. Shedding the extra fat doesn’t allow stopping the workout. Your body is dependent on calories. You get calories from whatever you eat. A human body regulates the calories they get from food intake. All the foods we consume contain calories, and a human body works similarly to any device which works with a battery.

How Exercise Helps You Control Your Weight

Here, the battery is the calories, and the intake of food is like charging the battery. The calorie, similar to the battery, controls our body and all our activities. The more we use the device, the more it uses the battery life, the more we are active, the more we are using the calories stored in our body.

How Exercising Works

Before describing how exercise works in controlling your weight, it is essential to explain a bit about calorie storage. We are eating food and getting the much-needed calories from it. A human body needs a certain amount of calories only to operate. Now, no human being can measure exactly how much calories they have got from the food they ate unless they are nutritionists or are knowledgeable.

Sometimes, calorie intake is too high, to be more precise, it’s actually most of the time. So, when we are not burning the extra amount of calories, they are getting preserved as fat in our body, visceral fat in case of a male body, and subcutaneous fat in the case of a female body.

When we do extra activities like exercising regularly and other workouts only then, we can burn the extra calories, which are now stored as fat in our body, causing weight gain. So, once you burned all the fat by exercising and stop working out once you reached a healthy weight, the cycle of calorie storage starts once again.

Exercising Not Enough

However, only exercises cannot do much about weight loss and maintenance. Along with exercises, you need to control your food intake. For the proper maintenance of your weight that you lost after a lot of hard work, you will have to keep a blind eye towards enticing high-calorie foods like donuts, cakes, or even medium-sugar in your tea or coffee.

An individual needs to burn approximately 3500 calories to lose one pound. To burn that many calories, one needs to exercise for a minimum of 3 hours to even 10, depending on the exercise body type, sounds close to impossible. So, when you cut the calorie intake, you need nothing extra to burn. Therefore, if you are failing to lose weight or rapidly gaining the lost weight, then check on the food you are eating and control your food intake.

Why Exercise

Having said all the things above, we are not in any way, implying that exercises to be of no use on weight loss or maintenance. We are just explaining how important it is to control your food habits. Exercising, along with proper food habits, will allow quicker weight loss and help you to prevent weight gain. Doing regular exercise will increase metabolism. An increase in metabolism will result in more calories burned, even while sleeping.

What More

Exercise is important for other reasons as well. Let’s just have a glance at the benefits we get through exercising other than weight loss and maintaining weight.

You age well- Those who remain active will age well. Most of the time, we exercise when we are asked by the doctors to do it, or it is related to our profession. However, those who are exercising right from the beginning of their youth will eventually age beautifully, when age starts showing in our face and body.

Maintains Muscle Mass- With growing older, we lose muscle and gain fat. The process is natural and due to aging. The only way to prevent it is by exercising, which will eventually prove its metal when we are older.

Reduce risks of chronic and life- Threatening diseases- If you exercise regularly, you will be at lesser risk of heart diseases, arthritis and complicated, chronic health conditions like diabetes. Several forms of cancers can be prevented by regular exercise.

Reduce depression and anxiety- Exercising is a great way to release stress as it releases endorphins, which is known to make one feel euphoric. Thus a great way to fight depression and anxiety. It fights lower metabolism and solves sleep issues.

Improve your image- Exercise brings freshness to your body. It makes you feel healthy and energetic. It’s also the reason for you getting a good body shape. By boosting both your mental and physical attributes, you will eventually improve your image and experience newfound confidence in you.

So, it is pretty evident that exercise is not only beneficial in terms of weight loss and maintenance but also to fight diseases, mental issues, and gaining an improved self-image. You do not need to go overboard with excessive exercise. An hour, five times a week, along with controlled food habits, is just enough. Know better and lead a healthy life.


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