House Walk Your Way to Weight Loss

Last Updated on March 16, 2020

House Walk Your Way to Weight Loss

Science and the modern world has made our life easy and fast-paced. The fast-paced life is compelling us to work and earn money without much movement of the body. We are running our mind constantly while working, but for all those long hours of office work, we are keeping our body in the same position, deactivated.

Upon reaching the house, we are either tired to move or busy enough to continue sitting and working again, and the deactivation continues. We eat junk because we have no time to move our bodies. One fine day, standing in front of the mirror, we discover chubby cheeks, paunch, and extra fat in other body parts. We realize we have gained weight.

People around the world are struggling with several health conditions. The numbers are increasing rapidly and are in no mood to slow down. Medical science has progressed so much and invented the cure for severe health conditions.

However, we are still failing to control or eradicate even lessen the chances of life-threatening and chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer, obesity, and heart diseases. An inactive body and unhealthy eating habits in a constantly deteriorating environment are causing us to the extent that our loved ones are losing their lives, and perhaps one day will cost us as well unless we start getting conscious.


We know weight loss requires burning calories. We know that being inactive will result in several health conditions. Still, we do not have time to keep our body active though all we need to do is walk. If you do not want to exercise or is busy to join a gym, then take a walk outside or much more easy option, walk around your house.

If we are telling you that walking inside the house or your office building will keep your body active and result in weight loss, then you should not skip house-walking at all

House Walking

House walking is basically walking around the house or in the office. We all use smartphones or watches where there are options for counting the steps daily. So, as you are not getting proper space to walk and it’s tough to keep track of how much you have walked, you can use your phone or watch to keep a check on your steps.

Or, you can simply walk around your house for straight half an hour daily. However, counting the steps is reasonable as you are in no way going to walk for half an hour straight.


House walking will benefit you in several ways.

  • Firstly, you do not have the excuse ready. You cannot tell yourself that you are busy and cannot join a gym or go outside to exercise.
  • Second, it’s effortless. You are not putting any extra efforts, actually not even an attempt to burn calories.  However, you are still burning calories.
  • Third, in the house, walking your every step count, and you do not need to set a particular time.
  • Fourth, you can do it in your office also. The exercise or walking outside is not possible in between office hours, but house walking allows you to lose weight in your office too.
  • Fifth, it’s fun to reach the targeted steps. It is motivational as well as you get determined to reach the round figure of 10000 steps or 20000 steps.

What to do

House walking can never be a tricky thing, even if you try. There is a reason we have said that it doesn’t let you make excuses.

Get a pedometer

For house walking, you will need a pedometer to count your steps, so get it. Nowadays, there will hardly be any individual who doesn’t use smartphones. So, if you have a step counting option on your phone, you do not need to have a pedometer. Many elderly persons are not comfortable with smartphones; for them, the pedometer will be an apt device.

Set your goal

Now you need to set the step goal. You can start with 5000 steps a day. Do not leave the goal in between. Try hard to walk the targeted steps in between your works. Finish your daily steps, and once you notice that you have efficiently completed 5000 steps consecutively for a few days, then increase them from 5000 to 6000, and gradually increase it to more. Taking 20000 steps a day is more than usual for an individual.


The last step is to start walking. Take the staircase. Get up from your sit whenever you get the opportunity. Do not sit unless it is necessary, especially at home. If you are lagging in reaching the set step goal, then walk extra and complete the aim.

Final Words

If you continue this daily, then after a few days, you will notice that you have started losing weight. The effect will not be that drastic as it remains simple walking, not vigorous weight loss exercises. Be patient, and the results will eventually show. If you can continue daily house walking and in between try doing a little bit of exercise once or thrice a week, you can lose weight much quicker. So, try, walk, lose weight, and be healthy.


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