Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

Weight Loss Tips for Teens: Nowadays teenagers are surrounded by lots of unhealthy foods and circumstances. Weight loss can benefit from all ages and teens also. Teenagers are full of energy, and they can lose their weight very easily.

Losing excess fat in our body can improve our health and boost our self-confidence. It’s important for teenagers to lose their unhealthy fat by changing their diet and lifestyle. Most teens feel self-conscious about their bodies. But they cannot maintain their diet for the long term.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

So first they have to set their mind that they have to lose their weight no matter how hard it is. They have to maintain their regular diet and exercise. They have to control their unhealthy choices about food.

Losing weight is a great way to make our body healthy. Having real health is essential. Your focus should be on improving health, not body weight. Here are 20 tips for weight loss for teenagers:

Set Healthy and Practicable Goals

While losing excess fat of our body, we have to stay focus always about improving our health. Having a practical weight loss goal can be helpful for teens. Teens have to control their unhealthy wants and turn them into good desires.

Just like, sometimes we are bored at home and want some unhealthy food to enjoy. But we can make this want vanished by drinking water or have an apple.

Never skip breakfast

Various times we always skip our breakfast for losing our weight, but that method backfires to us. Skipping breakfast makes us more hungry. Eating breakfast starts our metabolism and prevents our overeating during the day.

Always take full of the protein breakfast as that will provide you the energy to stay active longer. You can keep high-fiber foods as your breakfast meal. It is also a good option.


Always keep your drink healthy. Too many sodas, caffeine, juice with sugar are very harmful to our body. You have to keep your drink healthy. Drink more water. Minimum eight glass in a day.

Make your chart which makes you comfortable. You can also add fresh fruit juice without sugar. You can make healthy drinks to make your table interesting.

Make a habit to drink lemon water with a little honey after wake up in an empty stomach. Lemon water increases our body’s metabolic rate and helps to lose excess fat of our body.

Use to drink one glass of water after wake up in an empty stomach; one glass before heaving meal; one glass before bath and one glass before sleep. It will keep our body temperature right way and help our stomach to feel full.

Cut sweets

Teenagers are very fond of sweet and full sugar items. Excess sugar is very harmful to our health. Candies, fast food, sodas, delicious teas, packed juice items contain a lot of sugar which is very unhealthy and harmful for our health.

If anyone wants to have a healthy life; they must have to cut sweet products and sugar from their diet chart. Studies show that high added sugar leads to weight gain and increase the risk of certain health conditions.

Fill the meal chart with fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients while low in calories. It helps us to feel full and eat less. Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, and wholesome protein encourage weight loss and full of nutrition.

Don’t avoid healthy fat

It is common to cut out sources of fatty foods when we are trying to lose weight. But cutting too much fat can negatively impact our growth. Replacing unhealthy fats like deep-fried foods and sugary baked foods with nuts, olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, and good fats like this.

Don’t do a fad diet

Most teens do fad dieting for losing weight. A fad diet is harmful to health. It did not supply the proper nutrition for our bodies.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals may seem like it would help you to lose weight, but actually, it makes you eat more when you are hungry. Keep egg-based breakfast to feel full and energetic for a long time.

Cook at home

The best way to stay healthy is by cooking your meals at home. When you cook at home, you will feel less hunger. It is a better way of avoiding packed foods and having healthy foods. Preparing your meals at home enlighten you that what your meals contain. It is one of the best methods for losing weight and staying healthy.

Don’t use gadgets while eating

Using devices while taking meals or snacks distracts us from what we are eating. That’s why we eat more than we need to. Most of the teenagers use a Smartphone or watch TV when they are eating. Watching TV or phone while taking foods distracts us and we did not realize how much we are eating. So, avoid gadgets while taking food.

Reduce stress

Stress causes hormonal changes that can increase our hunger and promote weight gain. It is familiar with having stress in our ordinary life but having too much pressure can negatively affect our health.

Avoid taking processed food

Teenagers always enjoy treats, but they have to control too many processed foods. It is better to avoid processed food. Processed foods contain high calories that give us unhealthy fat and gain weight. So, avoiding processed food is a better decision.

Sleep properly

Getting proper sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy body. Most of the teenagers stayed awake till late at night and did not take adequate rest. Adequate sleep is essential to stay healthy.

Research says teens need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Having your sleep properly effects negatively on your health. It will promote your body to gain weight.


Having a proper diet will help you to lose weight. But one must need to do exercise to keep their body fit and healthy. The study shows we must need to burn calories more than how much we eat. When we are willing to lose our weight, we must need to do exercise. Burning calories is very important to lose weight.

Try to do yoga or at home. Do squats, push-up, plank, and another exercise. You can also do dance, swim, cycling, or play outdoor games like badminton, skipping. Stay active always will make you feel energetic all day and will not make you tired.

Don’t give up on your health

If you are not losing weight fast, don’t give up on you. It may take a little time, but it will give you a proper and healthy result. According to these tips, you will able to lose your weight and have a healthy life.

Final Words

It is crucial to losing extra weight to keep your body fit. A fit body can provide you a healthy life. There are so many weight loss tips for teens. If teenagers fail to control their weight, they might suffer in the future. So, you must have to lose extra weight to keep yourself healthy and fit. According to these weight loss tips for teens, you will able to lose your weight and have a healthy life.


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