Goplus 1100w Treadmill Reviews

Last Updated on May 22, 2021

The treadmill workout is effective, and it becomes more enjoyable when you exercise using the right treadmill like the Goplus 1100w. The Goplus is one of the best treadmills under $200, offering a bunch of fantastic features. The workout machine contains a steel frame and a long-running belt. The frame is foldable for convenient storage. The treadmill is compact as to take small space in your home.

Apart from these features, the exercise machine has plenty of functions, including safe handrails, safety key, fitness monitor, workout programs, pulse sensors, emergency start and stop keys, and more. Let’s check out all of its features:

Goplus 1100w Treadmill Reviews

Goplus 1100w Treadmill Reviews


The Goplus 1100w treadmill is manufactured from heavy-duty steel. It offers ultimate longevity. For its rugged build, the treadmill can accommodate weight up to 220 lbs. The fitness device also features a running belt measuring 39 “L x14 “W. It enables the exercisers to comfortably do the workout.


Engineers have given the Goplus treadmill an ergonomic design. The workout machine is foldable for easy storage. Plus, it comes with wheels for convenient transportation. Thanks to the compact design of Goplus, it requires minimal space in your home gym.

Safety Key

The safety key feature makes the treadmill different from lots of other traditional treadmills. The machine’s handrails come with the safety key and easy-to-reach stop switch. You can control those keys with your fingertips. With these key’s help, you can immediately start and stop the treadmill in an emergency. Not only that, but the fitness trainer also allows users to adjust the speed using the built-in handrail controls.


The Goplus 1100w is equipped with a digital monitor, which is an LED. It offers twelve workout programs, enabling users to adjust the machine according to their fitness level. As a result, besides bringing variation in the exercise, they make the treadmill-workout more effective and challenging. The LED also shows exercisers their heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories, and more. Alongside the fitness monitor, the Goplus houses a smartphone holder, letting users put their androids or ipads and exercise with entertainment.

Pulse Grip

One of the significant features of the Goplus 1100w is its pulse grip. The pulse grips are placed on its handrails. These are marked as +/- for speed, start/stop, and heart rate functions. The heart rate functions enable you to monitor and maintain your target heart rate. In short, you get a more steady and prolonged heart rate during the workout.

Bottom Line

The Goplus is a newbie-friendly treadmill. They can easily operate the machine and burn significant calories. The treadmill’s best fact is that it has a compact design, and users can place it in a small space.

The Goplus has impressive features, including a longer running belt, 2x longer pulse grip pads, high-quality LED, twelve workout programs, and more. Thus, we can say that it meets the standard of a top-quality treadmill even though it comes at a reasonable price. However, if you prefer using something sturdier and pricier, you may search the treadmill for home under $500. You will easily find a superior quality treadmill within this budget. In case you have a budget issue, you can go with this one.


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