Exercise and Weight Loss for Women

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

Exercise and Weight Loss for Women: In a study, it is claimed that men lose weight faster than women. It automatically raises a point about women taking longer to lose weight. There are several reasons- the structure of the body, particular fat, and fat storage.

Women mostly carry weight in their hips, thighs, and behind. The fat in the different parts of their lower body is called subcutaneous fat. Burning subcutaneous fat does nothing to the metabolic health of a woman’s body. Therefore, burning calories become slow and time-consuming.

Exercise and Weight Loss for Women

Exercise and Weight Loss for Women

First Step

However, the slow-burning of calories and a more reluctant sign of weight loss don’t and shouldn’t make our girls who are willing to lose weight hopeless and deter them from their goal.

Our capability of doing and achieving something depends on our determination, not on how frail our body structure is or how unfairly the fat in our body is placed. The goal must be eating less and burning more calories. Once you are determined, you just need to learn the basics of weight loss.

Key factors

Eating less and exercising, there is no other alternative to these two factors for weight loss. Only working out will do nothing if you are sitting, sleeping, and eating junk food. Neither a proper diet will take you a long way if you are eating a healthy, low-calorie diet without moving your body and keeping your body active.

As we have already mentioned, women take longer to shed the extra kilos, so patience plays a significant role in holding the interest of losing weight. Mixing a little bit of patience, motivation, passion, and determination with a healthy diet and proper exercise, losing weight gets more comfortable and faster.

Exercises to accelerate the weight loss process

Cardio workouts and strength training are the two most effective exercise for weight loss. A combination of these two with the low-calorie diet will accelerate the weight loss process.

Cardio Workouts

Cardio workout burns calories quickly, but it needs to be done correctly. Maximizing the workout time is essential, and for that, you need to learn about the most effective cardio workouts and do them with perfect intensity.

The weight loss, in this case, doesn’t depend on how long you have worked out, but how intensely you have worked hard in your workout session in a certain period.

We are not going to mention the types of effective cardio workouts, as even walking can prove to be the best cardio workout. Instead, we are going to discuss how much cardio you need for losing weight. Excessive cardio will have an adverse effect on your body, so avoid overdoing it, make a proper program or routine instead.

The steps are simple. Please start with the easiest cardio workout and take it easy for a day or two. Make sure you are working out at least thrice a week. Then increase the intensity level and continue doing it at the same intensity for a few days.

When your body is telling you that it is getting too comfortable with the same level of intensity, then start increasing the time. Increase the number of workout days from three to a maximum of six. After all of that, add other cardio workouts to your routine one by one. You can try interval training once a week to make it more challenging.

Strength Training

As we are talking about weight loss and women, the most common scenario we see is women hesitating to do strength training. The reasons are several, mainly misconceptions. For burning fat, lifting weights is equally essential as cardio workouts. Calorie burns highly depend on strength training, as well.

No women can build big, odd-looking muscles by lifting weights. It’s a territory of the men only. The women who are seen with a slight big muscle need to do much more than just strength training.

Weight loss doesn’t require the women to attempt it to be that intense. Even the men don’t have the necessary testosterone for building big muscles. So, delete the misinformation from your mind.

Strength training is essential for strengthening your bones and preserving muscle mass. Both of these will help you to maintain your weight even when you will reach the age where you will naturally start gaining weight.

Circuit Training

Once you learn both cardio workouts and strength training, and you are comfortable doing them, start circuit training. The training is to do both cardio exercises and strength training without taking any break in between. It will not only increase the difficulty level but also will erase the monotonous routine and bring a much-needed freshness in the exercise routine.

Final Words

Do not get too obsessed with weight loss. If you are leading a healthy life, a little weight on your body will not do much harm. However, being super obsessed will only hold you back from losing weight. Take it easy, but do not lose the motivation; only then you can achieve a body without any extra fat.


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