Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled Review

Last Updated on January 5, 2021

The Prowler sled can be a precious machine when it comes to developing strength and improving acceleration. It helps users boost their performance in nearly every working-field. That’s why many exercisers use different push sleds to increase their stamina. Before choosing sleds, they take an expert’s guidance and select one prowler that meets their needs.

Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled Review

You may also follow them if you want to build better physic. You can start fitness training with a basic sled, then move onto the superior sled like the Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled. The sled trainer is proven to be the best when it is about muscle building and burning calories. It activates a range of muscle groups in your body when you start exercising with the Econ Fitness Sled. Below we will breakdown more about its advantages and features. Let’s keep hovering.

Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled Review

Design & Coating

The Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled has been designed ergonomically. The engineers have used high-quality materials to make it robust and durable. Even they coat this Indoor Weight Sled with gloss black powder. Thus, it will efficiently run longer even after hard use.

The Prowler Sled dimension is 41 x 18 x 8 inches, and it weighs around 40 pounds only. Although its weight is comparatively lighter than other push sleds, it has a 400lb weight capacity. As a result, it can help you tone your physic and develop your other athletic endeavors.

Weight Capacity

The fitness prowler sled can accommodate all iron and rubber plates with 2” holes. You can use a maximum of 300+ pounds of bumper plates and 400+ pounds of iron weights. That means you can use max weight to gain strength and choose a lighter weight for general physical preparation.

Mounting Bracket

The indoor weighted prowler sled contains a mounting bracket located on the front of the fitness trainer. Users use this feature to attach a pulling harness. As a result, they can drag the prowler sled behind them with waist or shoulder harnesses. However, the shoulder harness makes users lean into the drag more than using the waist harness.

You can choose one between them that seems suitable for you. Again, you can also attach a rope to the sled. And drag it towards you from a decent distance. No matter what equipment you attach for pulling, it will always provide you with the best outcome.

Storage & Surface

The Econ Prowler Push Sled is convenient to store. It allows for compact storage as its front and back handles are detachable. And this feature makes the fitness sled ideal for the home gym.

Now, let’s talk a bit about which surfaces are appropriate for the indoor weighted sled. It works best when you use the training sled on turf, concrete, asphalt, and grass. That means it is ideal for most training grounds.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter whether you push, pull, drag, or haul; the Econ Prowler Weighted Sled can be an excellent potential addition to your fitness training program. The best advantage of using the sled trainer is it lets you improve strength, work capacity, and athleticism. In essence, the sled workout is better than traditional cardio exercises such as running, jumping rope, spinning, etc. In summary, this Econ weighted push sled has all the crucial features to get your job done. So, you may use it as your go-to fitness machine.


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