CrossFit Weight Loss – Does It Work?

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

CrossFit is a high-intensity workout program, including several sports and different types of exercise. It allows you to burn calories, build healthy muscles, and bring change in lifestyle. It also focuses on performing a wide variety of aerobic exercises and high-intensity activities.

Again, it helps you to keep in good body shape. Though CrossFit weight loss depends on the trainer you work with, it’s usually not so risky as well. A good trainer would make you believe.

CrossFit Weight Loss

It is a combination of some features like constant variation, functional movements, and high intensity. Continuous variation means changing your type of exercise every time. For improving proper fitness, the schedule plays the role of an enemy.

So, the more consistent your plan is, the less ready you’ll be for accomplishing the goal of losing weight. You can also include weight training gymnastics drills in your CrossFit program to get the desired result.

Then, functional movements are some sorts of activities like squatting, jumping, running, pulling, throwing, picking things up, etc. CrossFit involves them due to their essential requirement in our life outside the gymnasium.

After that, you have to ensure high intensity in your CrossFit activities. It is the way of measurement of how fast you accomplish the work. The more workout activities you do in less time, the higher-intensity you can produce.

It also brings the best results from your CrossFit activities. Besides, CrossFit has some drawbacks too. Considering different aspects of it, you have to agree on either CrossFit is essential for you or not.

Advantages of CrossFit Weight Loss

CrossFit can be an excellent weight loss program with some workout activities and frequent modifications. You will be able to lose weight by joining a CrossFit program. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of it.

1. Burns Calories

According to The American Council on Exercise (ACE), men can burn 15 to 18 calories per minute, whereas women can burn 13 to 15 when they perform workouts.

As CrossFit is a combination of high-intensity exercise, and severe to act, it plays a vital role and helps you to lose weight through calorie burning.

2. Builds Muscles

The participants of the CrossFit Program expect to develop stronger muscles. By joining a CrossFit program, they will be able to observe that it starts to bring a change in their body by reducing fat and boosting muscles. Increased muscles not only help you to look more excellent but also allow you to maintain a healthy life.

3. Helps to Get Community Support

One of the most significant benefits of the CrossFit program is you can share your workout results in online or with other participants in the community.

Those who are going to try to lose weight may get help to improve their activities. This process helps you to become accountable and consistent with the rest of the participants.

4. Provides Quick and Effective Workout

CrossFit provides you both quick and effective workouts while performing typical movements. If you have more enthusiasm to lose weight with a high-intensity workout, Efficient exercises may help to keep you on track.

5. Gives a Proper Workout Plan

CrossFit provides a better workout plan, including variations of activities. It also tells you precisely what you have to do every day for losing weight.

By performing randomly chosen exercises, you will run out of time and get bored. Then you cannot get to the goal. So, proper planning will always help you to get the desired outcomes.

6. Includes Barbell Training

CrossFit program, in general, provides barbell training for compound exercises. Usually, a natural weightlifter is to increase his whole-body strength by doing barbell training. It’s a great way to better the muscle groups and multiple joints of your body.

7. Pushes You to Work Harder

Most people don’t willingly want to get high-intensity workouts. They would like to have both comfort and the desired outcomes together.

But apparently, that’s not possible. In this case, CrossFit pushes them to ensure high-intensity in their movements for gaining expected results.

8. Motivates You to Maintain Proper Fitness

When you participate in a CrossFit program, a lot of people around you drive to maintain accurate body fitness. Remember, CrossFit is not only just going to the gym, but also eating better, giving up unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, etc.

Disadvantages of CrossFit Weight Loss

CrossFit gets a lot of discredits of being a costly way to learn lousy form, lose all the gains, and get hurt. It may go wrong for some people who precisely want to try to become slim.

Still, if you’re going to be firm with decent durability and flexibility, and a CrossFit environment is suitable, then it might be a way of losing weight. Otherwise, you won’t get expected outcomes from this.

1. High Drop Out Rate

CrossFit is too tough to perform for many participants. And so, the drop-out chances are high. Many experts acknowledge that you may quit in the middle of the program due to its difficulty.

2. High Risk for Injury

CrossFit often involves high-risk workouts and activities. These intense exercises may put many people at risk of injury. So, many of them don’t want to start a CrossFit program.

3. Different Cultures Aren’t Suitable for Everyone

CrossFit allows you to get into different cultures. It will be likely to be overwhelming for some participants. If you don’t cope with those cultures, you may not get sustainable outcomes.

4. Variations May Create Difficulties

Participants, who are beginners or don’t exercise regularly, or have injuries for a long time, face the problems of staying safe and healthy. So, they shouldn’t involve themselves in a CrossFit program.

5. Chances of Getting Hurt

Almost all of the participants usually get hurt while performing CrossFit activities. In this case, spraining ankle, wrist, and muscles, causing joint injuries, even tearing ligaments, are common.

Does Crossfit Work for Losing Weight?

If you steadily perform a CrossFit program with proper variations, you probably see positive changes in your body.

In this case, if you are undoubtedly eager to become slim, then CrossFit may be the best for you. For this, you have to combine your workouts with proper nutrition. Otherwise, CrossFit isn’t suitable for you.

Zuffelato says, “The people who do CrossFit and don’t have a nutrition plan do not lose weight. When someone gets serious in a CrossFit program, his appetite moves into overdrive.

Without a proper plan, he doesn’t see the expected weight loss. He may see a little change in his body fat like any other workout program. If adequate nutrition is not a part of the CrossFit program, he may get disappointed.”

Final Words

After all, if you look for being more active for having some fun in your life, and also have an excellent trainer to guide yourself, then CrossFit is a good option for you.

In this case, you have to know how to avoid the risk of injury. Besides, if you look for increasing aerobic fitness, gaining muscles and strength,  or losing fat as quickly as possible, then CrossFit is not a good one.


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