Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

Concept 2 Model E is one of the luxury options among home rowers available in the market. Its aesthetic appeal, along with a Glossy finish, adds extra gravity to your home gym. Besides, it offers an effective low-impact and full-body workout at your midtown loft. This best compact rowing machine is available in 2-different color options: gray or black.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

Construction and Size

The Concept 2 Model E rowing machines are constructed with welded steel material. It adds a double powder coating with a glossy finish that holds a strong appeal to the customers. Besides, this rower provides excellent stability to the users through its one-piece solid front leg and 20-inch frame height.

Again, the nickel-plated chain of these rowing machines comes with extra protection against dust and grime. But, it requires a little bit of oiling after every 40 hours of usage.

Performance Monitor

Apart from the other rowers, this Concept 2 Model E rowing machine comes with the most advanced performance LCD monitor. This LCD monitor is equipped with a PM5 facility that delivers reliable and specific comparable data for every move. Also, its blacklight increases visibility and makes it easy to monitor the data.

Moreover, this performance monitor also includes an adjustable arm along it. Besides, it also features a longer, fixed monitor arm that puts PM5 in direct reach. Afterward, this monitor display needs 2-D cell batteries to get powered indeed.

However, this rowing machine is also compatible with USB flash drives. These flash drives work like a breeze to store your data and enable you to track your heart rate as well.

Standard Chair Height

This rowing machine’s sit takes position at a standard chair height. This 6″ higher sit offers excellent mobility through its easy to get off and on sit. Along with the ergonomic handle and adjustable footrest, its athlete row sitting offers a comfortable position indeed.

Flywheel and Damper

These indoor rowers give you full control over your exertion and resistance all the time. It’s not unusual for a spiral damper to change the feel of the stroke according to your preference by changing the airflow. Again, the flywheel design minimizes noise while also providing a smooth ride. To get longer battery life, the monitor extracts electricity from the spinning flywheel.

Storage and Mobility

This Concept 2 rower is fitted with a quick-release frame lock mechanism, so you can easily break down this rowing machine into two portions. Also, you can roll its fully-assembled unit with caster wheels at the front leg. This wheel size makes it mobile and offers an easy on and off facility for convenient storage yet. Overall, it is one of the portable rowers available in the market.

Seat Height

This rowing machine always stands out in a crowd. It would be relaxed and easy to get to the chair of this rower. The 20-inch seat height of the rowing machine is quite helpful indeed. Besides, it offers a one-piece leg setup for the front and rear legs to accommodate the 20-inch frame height. Overall, this space-saving rowing machine provides excellent stability and a strong feel to the users.

Final Verdict

Overall, this best of all indoor rowers has everything to take place in a fitness center. Its smooth and noise-free performance helps it to attract most of the buyer’s attention greatly.


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