The 10 Best Exercise Bike Under 500 in 2020

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Best Exercise Bike Under 500

We all are in a rush to fulfill our dreams and passion in our busy lives.  And so we often forget to take care of our health. That’s the most foolish mistake.

If you cannot care about your body, it will not listen to you in the long run. Unfortunately, most of us cannot find enough time to hit the gym every day. What is the solution then? Bring the gym inside your home!

How? The solution is to purchase an exercise bike and bring it to your home. A good exercise bike is an ultimate solution for your cardio fitness.

If you have one in your home, ten to twenty minutes is fair enough. What about the cost? Not more than 500 dollars! Yes, in this article I will talk on the best exercise bike under 500 dollars.

All of them are relatively compact when compared with a treadmill or elliptical, where most of the cardio equipment likes a treadmill or elliptical costs more than 1500 dollars, a good exercise bike cost less than 500!

If you want you can spend a more on an exercise bike but not mandatory. Besides, if you pick one within 500 why care for paying more? We have rounded up some most effective exercise bikes in here. Read out the reviews for more detail.

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Reviews of the Best Exercise Bike Under 500

While shopping for an exercise bike, you can surely get some excellent options under 500 dollars. The size of the flywheel on the bike should be your most significant concern while shopping.

The heavier it is, the smoother ride you will experience. As the market is full of numerous options, being confused is common. To clear your confusion, we have top ten exercise bikes in here.

All of them are available under 500. Let’s check the reviews and narrow down your choice together with some of the best exercise bikes under 500.

1. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike is built to last with quality gearbox components. The bike is made of premium quality materials that will provide you a reliable operation for years.

You will get a twin belt with the high-velocity flywheel. The desk also features a non-slip surface, built-table holder, easy access storage tray and massage rollers that’s makes exercise comfortable.

The seat and tray table are easily adjustable. You don’t have to struggle a lot to find the perfect height. There is digital resistance meter included that tracks mileage, calories and time.

The arm workout cord is another excellent addition in this exercise bike. It increases the multitasking potential. Besides, while riding the bike doesn’t produce irritating noise. The price of the product is decent for the quality.


  • Strong construction with quality materials
  • Not produce much sound while riding
  • Offers great workout
  • Increases multitasking potential
  • Not heavy
  • Needs little space
  • Comfortable seat back offers perfect back support
  • The adjustable tray table and seat
  • Easy to use


  • The Large plush seat feels a bit uncomfortable after 30 plus minutes of continuous use


2. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The Sunny Silver SF-B1110 & SF-B1110S Indoor Cycling Bike is the second entry in this list. This best exercise bike under 500 dollars is the epitome of class with solid steel and plastic construction.

You can use the bike quite a few years without any problem. The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike comes with transport wheels as well. You can move the bike anywhere easily with the wheels.

Versatility is another most fascinating feature of this indoor cycling bike. You can do a lot of cardio exercise with it. However, the seat and handlebar are fully adjustable. You can adjust according to your height.

While riding the bike, you will get the maximum level of comfort that’s for sure. You can change the difficulty of paddling according to your need. The price of the product is reasonable indeed.


  • Drive chain mechanism for a smooth workout
  • Offers quiet operation
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Features transportation wheel for easy movement
  • 250 lbs of maximum weight


  • The seat is not comfortable
  • Only three height adjustment holes included


3. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500If you are searching for a recumbent exercise bike, I would mention the Schwinn 270 gladly. The bike is necessarily the best on the market today.

The bike is suitable for both novice and professionals. The bike has plenty of features. There are twenty-nine exercises programmed in the bike, and you can even download exercise date if needed.

The construction quality of the bike is fantastic with premium quality materials. It is strong and stable. You can use this best exercise bike under 500 dollars for several years.

And if you maintain it properly, a lifetime use is not an issue. You can track your fitness with Bluetooth connectivity and Schwinn Trainer App. The bike also offers 25 levels of resistance for workout intensity options. Overall, it is the smartest bike in the market today.


  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can track your fitness status
  • Pre-programmed 29 exercises
  • Wide verity of workout intensity options included
  • Smooth and consistent performance
  • LCD for watching


  • The fan is a bit weak


4. DeskCycleUnder Desk Exercise Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The DeskCycleUnder Desk Exercise Bike is another fantastic option for the price. The built quality of the product is outstanding with premium quality materials.

For sure, it can serve you several years due to its strong and stable construction quality. As the bike is magnetic resistance, so you will get smooth and quiet pedal motion.

The display offers five different functions to show speed, time, distance, calories and scan. There is a controversy on the calorie calculator.

Many people complained that the calorie counter is not accurate all the time. Overall, the product is an excellent option for people who want to work out at home but doesn’t have enough budgets.


  • Lowest pedal height
  • Offers eight calibrated resistance setting
  • Smooth and quiet pedal motion
  • High-quality components included
  • Powerful five function display shows speed, time, distance, calories, and scan


  • The calorie counter doesn’t show accurate result all the time


5. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike will take your exercise into the next level with its class performance and versatility. There is nothing more to tell about the built quality of the bike.

The bike is made of high-quality materials and parts. Let’s talk about the performance. You will get 20 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity alternatives.

The pre-set and preprogrammed 22 workout includes nine profiles, eight heart controls, two fitness test, and one quick star. The seating position is adjustable as well.

Besides, the seat is comfortable and ideal for using a long time. You can set your goal and also track your update on the bike with its goal tracking feature.

Unlike most of the exercise bike, this one will not produce noise. It’s nearly silent. For an effective home workout, this one has no comparison.


  • Goal tracking ability
  • The wide range of workout intensity options available
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • A visible and active LCD screen
  • Has 22 preset workout programs
  • Comes with USB port for charging
  • Can adjust seating position


  • Not very useful for taller people


6. Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike is the epitome of quality. The bike is designed with the serious cyclist in mind. Like all the above products, this too also comes with excellent constriction quality with high-class materials.

The 40lb. Flywheel offers a smooth and silent performance. The SPD dual pedals are flexible and comfortable as well. The race-style seat is fully adjustable.

You can adjust the height regarding your choice. The handlebar is padded so that you can hold for long without any discomfort. There is a water bottle holder included as well.

The product is fantastic in every aspect. I mean look at the construction quality, features, and price! I bet nothing can beat the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike.


  • Flywheel with belt drive offers infinitely variable resistance
  • Comfortable dual SPD pedals included
  • Adjustable race-style seat
  • Soft and comfortable urethane-dipped handlebars included
  • Comes with an oversized water bottle holder
  • Wireless heart rate enabled


  • The quality of the seat is not as good as other options listed in here


7. Pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500For a smooth workout, the pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling Bike can be your ultimate solution. With heavy-duty crank and steel frame, this is another excellent option for all your cardio solution.

The 29lbs flywheel offers sustained resistance and smooth operation. The belt drive with a unique double encloses design ensures silent operation. You can even ride it in the bedroom without disturbing anyone.

The Bike also comes with LED monitor so that you can know time, speed, distance, pulse and calories. The adjustable seat and handlebar can easily adjust your position. The seat is soft and comfortable enough for long time use.


  • Offers silent operation
  • Heavy duty crank and steel frame
  • LED monitor to see time, speed, distance, pulse and calories
  • Soft and ergonomic PU seat included
  • Maximum capacity 330lbs
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar


  • Not as strong as the other options in the list


8. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The Schwinn is one of the most trusted names in the workout industry. They always offer a quality product at a decent price. The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is not an exception.

It is another excellent product from the company. The built quality of the product is excellent with good quality materials. The bike will last and serve you years without any problem.

The bike does have Bluetooth connectivity like all the above Schwinn products. So, you can sync with Trainer app and, keep your fitness update properly.

There is 29 pre-programmed exercise included with 25 levels of resistant for a wide range of workout intensity options. The seat is comfortable that will let you work for long hours, and there is USB port included for charging purposes.


  • Dual Track LCD for checking all the status
  • Strong construction
  • 25 levels of workout intensity options
  • 29 pre-programmed exercise
  • Offers smooth and consistent performance


  • Handle rests are not padded so less comforting


9. JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

Best Exercise Bike Under 500The JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer is the ultimate solution for a home cardio gym workout. Like all the other products in the list, this too comes with excellent construction quality.

Due to excellent construction with quality materials, this indoor bike trainer is long lasting. It comes with an AV type frame and 35lbs flywheel. Maximum capacity of the bike is about 280lbs.

You can adjust the seat in four different ways. So, the bike can fulfill the demand of different heights people. Also, the seat is pretty comfortable.

You can sit there for long hours without facing any discomfort. The bike also has an adjustable resistance system. You can adjust the intensity as you need. The bike is ideal for everyone and every level.


  • Comes with 35lbs flywheel that offers smooth and silent operation
  • Maximum weight capacity is about 280lbs
  • Rock solid construction
  • Four-way adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Can change the intensity of your workout according to your need


  • The seat of the bike is not very comfortable


10. Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

Best Exercise Bike Under 500For excellent cardio workout at home, pick the Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer. The bike will allow you to experience an intense cardio workout even in a stationary position.

The construction quality with durable steel frame makes it one of the most reliable options in the market. The bike is resistant to rust and corrosion as well. It also comes with a powder-coated finish.

The design of the bike is ergonomic. You can do your exercise here for long hours without any discomfort. Besides, it is safe to use too.

If you want to enjoy your workout at home in comfort, the Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer is the best recommendation. The price is also reasonable regarding its quality. Click the link below and ensure your purchase before the stock expires.


  • Made of durable steel
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Comfortable and smooth performance with ergonomic design
  • Safe to use
  • Maximum capacity 300lbs


  • The seat is hard and uncomfortable


Final Words

Exercise bikes are available in various types. You can pick upright bikes that are comfortable and ideal for beginners. They are usually cheaper. You can also choose spinning cycles that are great for getting in shape.

And the third type is recumbent cycles which are the comfiest among all type. We have tried to put together all the types on our list. I hope you will surely get one from the above list.

That’s all for now. The best exercise bike under 500 is one click away from you. It’s your turn now. Pick one that fulfills all your requirements. If you still have anything else to know, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you soon.


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