13 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

Learn Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories: Burning calories is essential to lead a fit life. Staying fit is easy, but we make it hard for ourselves by not doing the simplest of chores in our daily life. We tend to enjoy leading a sedentary life. There are almost 100 of routine tasks we do daily to burn calories unintentionally and helps to burn the excess fat from our body.

Staying active is the key to a healthy life. If we do our daily chores instead of depending on others. If we choose the harder medium rather than the easy one, we are not only going to complete our routine tasks all by ourselves and save some bucks but also will burn some calories.

13 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

13 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Here, we are discussing the simplest of things that can burn 100 calories. As we mentioned, there are 100 different ways, but we are going to talk only 13. It takes a little more than half an hour to burn 100 calories by doing all these easy tasks.

1. Go for a walk

Walking is essential in so many ways. It works like medicine for so many patients of so many diseases. Going for a walk and continuously walking for 30 minutes can burn up to 100-200 calories. So, add the morning walk in your daily routine or invite your friend for a walk daily in the evening.

2. Cook

Cooking is a great stress buster, and it helps to burn calories as well. So, if cooking the lunch or dinner brings such positive results why not preparing our meals daily instead of having it outside.

Chopping the vegetables or other ingredients and cooking burns 100 calories in just 40 minutes. So, if you are at work then skip making the lunch, preparing the dinner is enough.

3. Take the Staircase

Some inventions have made our life very easy, and one such invention is the lift. Climbing up the stairs is exhausting, and you do not want to enter your office exhausted.

However, climbing up a few stairs can burn calories in a short time. Just 10 minutes can burn up 100 calories. So, choose the harder one and burn calories instead of choosing the easy way.

4. Run a Mile

Running is an effective cardio workout. It is an easy method of burning calories as well. It takes comparatively lesser time to burn calories than walking. It takes only 10 minutes to run a mile and running a mile helps to lose 100 calories.

5. Grocery Shopping

Everyone loves shopping, barring the exceptions. Grocery shopping is a bit tricky than the other type of shopping, but supermarkets have made grocery shopping easier. Roaming around the whole supermarket, choosing the vegetables, and standing in the line to pay easily takes more than half an hour which burns 100 calories.

6. Laundry

Let’s get to some supposed hard tasks. The toughness is all in our head as doing laundry is not that tough. Doing the laundry and folding them later can burn up to 100 calories in just 40 minutes. You are burning calories doing a household chore. By doing it, you are skipping an extra physical activity.

7. Wash Dishes

Washing dishes is part of our daily chores. Throughout the day we use dishes, and at the end of the day, we get a stockpile of dishes. If you have taken 45 minutes to wash your dishes, then you have successfully burned a hundred calories.

8. Jump rope

Jumping a rope brings us back to our childhood memories. You can use that childhood game as a medium of burning calories. A 7-minute jumping rope session burns 100 calories.

9. Clean the closet

Your closet is a mess, and you are not feeling to set them up properly! Don’t skip it. A thorough cleaning of the closet burns 100 calories in 40 minutes.

10. Stand up

Most of us continuously sit in front of our desks in the office. At home, we get so tired that we either sit or lie on the bed. We have almost stopped standing even for a minute. It is unhealthy to sit for a long time and is the main reason for weight gain. Standing for 10 minutes straight can burn up to 10 calories. So, to burn calories, we need to stand on the feet at regular intervals.

11. Dance

If you love dancing, then you love the right thing. Play six of your favorite songs and dance on them. You can have a slow dance, and it still will burn calories. Dancing your heart out is even better to burn calories.

12. Iron clothes

Ironing clothes also help to burn calories. It takes 45 minutes of ironing clothes to burn up to 100 calories.

13. Play easy games

Play some easy games like frisbee or ping pong. You can also have a round of golf.  You can also throw balls at each other to catch them and burn a hundred calories within 20 minutes.

Final Words

Just do a little calculation, if we try doing at least 5 of them, how many calories we are going to lose! So, do your calculation and take an oath to lead a healthy life. After all, staying fit is not that difficult like we tend to presume. Just a determination and a little hard work is the perfect recipe to burn calories.


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